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Need employment job: Now Hiring Jobs in Oil and Gas, Welder Jobs, Roustabout Jobs in Oil field, North Dakota Oil Jobs

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Oil and Gas Jobs: AK, CO, ND, TX, WY, Canada, Asia, USA are available from oil field operator jobs to  gas field jobs to tank builders hiring welders and API Inspector Jobs


Posted: Wednesday, April 3, 2024
By: camaravi@ayesa.com


I would like to confirm if get this part correctly from API 653: the minimum acceptable thickness for riveted tank shells shall be calculated using S = 21 000 lbf/in2 according to Th....... More

Engineering Manager   4928 Views
Posted: Thursday, October 19, 2023
By: Dunedin

Engineering Manager required for storage tank equipment manufacturer based in Turkey. Competitve renumeration package including housing. Must has at least five years experience running a design/drawin....... More

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